Star Rose Bond

Transformational Coach & Clinical Therapist

An odyssey back to self; where the heart and mind meet and embark upon a sacred remembering of self-love and personal exploration.

Jennifer L. Giordano, RN, BSN, IBCLC 

“As a nurse and group facilitator for many years I was mesmerized by the simple, gentle way Star guided and assisted new mother’s in their journey of new motherhood. She is able to capture the inner beauty of women and help them see their beauty. It is easy to trust her because her love for humanity is palpable. It was a pleasure to observe her work and grow from working with her.”

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Stacey F. MD, Physician

“Star’s energy, enthusiasm and knowledge shine through as she leads her workshops. Her ability to give each person the safety and support they need for personal growth and insight is remarkable. She helps nourish a sense of community and connectedness which is so rare these days. I personally gained so much from her workshops and look forward to learning with her again.”

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Anna Tsontakis- Mally, Artist

“I just completed a workshop with Star. Being more of a senior citizen I don’t think I would have been open to the workshop prior to meeting Star. I found her to be so open, authentic, enthusiastic,and passionate about her work, which was contagious ,that I felt compelled to give it a try. I looked forward to the evenings of the workshop finding Star well prepared, ready to give of herself, inclusive and informative. Being a retired teacher ,I found Star to possess a natural ability to connect with others , also leading each of us to connect with each other. As a workshop leader I feel she has a great amount of skill, warm, compassion, and wisdom. So young and so alive.”

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Kristin Esposito, Writer, Yoga Instructor

“Star has a wonderful way with her words and such a graceful presence when teaching yoga, you simply feel as if you’re being carried through your practice. Her classes are a thoughtful combination of dance-like flow and insightful wisdom. It’s such a treat taking her class that I didn’t want it to end.”

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Sharyn Glowatz, Technology Recruiter/Animal Rescuer

“Star is an inspiring and warm group facilitator. Her groups are well organized and she creates a safe and intimate space where the women in the group can bond with each other and share deep feelings. She introduced me to many new concepts that have been life changing. She is fully present as a leader and just a very warm, smart lady! I look forward to working with her again.”

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Anjeanette, Social Worker

“Star came into my life when I needed a spiritual guide the most. She helped me navigate a very difficult situation with grace and insight. She helped me foster a deep awareness of the beauty, strength, and wisdom that is woven into the fabric of my being, and of every woman. With Star as my facilitator, I danced to the moon. I built an altar. I lay in a circle with my sisters and went on vision quests. I exercised demons. Strove toward and found acceptance. Working with Star helped me find peace at a time when I felt the most destructive sort of pain. She continues to help me now by recommending spiritual and yogic practices, as well as herbal remedies for both me and my fiancé. My fiancé has suffered from acne for decades; after using Star’s herbal prescription of tinctures, he has clear skin for the first time in his life. Star is an old-world-style healer. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants more than a quick-fix, who wants, instead, to change her perspective entirely, and to change her life.”

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Gianna Garrett ~ Mom

“You teach with such conviction because u believe in and truly live by the methods in which u teach! You give women of all walks of life, feelings of empowerment! That we can change or be the amazing women/person that we are meant to be, no matter what we’ve been through or have done in our past. You give us faith and drive to get beyond the nightmares of our past reality and make today a safe, happy and healthy life for ourselves. By far the best teacher of individual growth and recovery I’ve had the pleasure of learning from! Thank u for your personal determination to help others, because it’ll never be the same because now we know too much!”

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