Star Rose Bond

Transformational Coach & Clinical Therapist

An odyssey back to self; where the heart and mind meet and embark upon a sacred remembering of self-love and personal exploration.


Individual, Couples, Group & Organizational Coaching.

Consultant and Program Development for Trauma Informed Care & Initiatives.

empowerment versus management trainings

in person, Skype/Phone Sessions available.


Herbalism + Nutrition

Herbal Consultations & Flower Essences

natural alternatives for mood & emotional imbalances

Medicinal plants, food and supplements.

Teas/infusions, tinctures, essential oils & topical.


grassroots organizing

Eco- Feminism


Workshop Facilitator & educator

Guest speaking


Restorative justice practices


Guidance and Integration

Plant medicine


With a comprehensive skill set, Star offers a wide range of specialized services in the form of individual coaching sessions, classes, workshops & retreats. She draws on her own personal experience as well as various healing modalities in the efforts to offer a truly unique and holistic experience.

Star strongly emphasizes the importance of establishing a collaborative and trusting relationship with her clients in the efforts to cultivate an empowered and co-creative dynamic. this safe exchange ultimately enables authentic transformation to take place through the process of self-discovery and honoring one's own ability to transcend health into healing.

Star compassionately approaches every person from the perspective that they are already in a state of wholeness and that at any single moment we are all the perfect manifestation of a complete being. She emphasizes the notion that all of the issues and/or challenges one may be experiencing are in fact, great teachers disguised behind the veils of various physical and emotional ailments. star perceives these undesired symptoms and/or behaviors as gateways to profound self-exploration which in turn provide you with a deeper sense of knowing about yourself and your personal journey.  Star works alongside her clients to help them uncover and understand the depths of their issues and the potential of each challenge they are facing; while simultaneously mapping out a program that is guaranteed to foster transformation, a re-connection to self as well as a re-claimed sense of purpose & well-being.

Programs Available

 3 or 6 month Programs for individuals or couples

include weekly sessions either in person or by phone/skype, an herbal consultation, unlimited email and text correspondence along with an individualized program that is designed specifically to meet the  unique needs of a client or group.


Star offers free initial consultations in office over the phone or on skype. During the consult both parties are given the opportunity to explore a connection and engage in a dynamic coaching experience that fosters inspiration in the areas in which you hope to change and grow.  Star's main objective when working with individuals is to instill the client with the tools necessary to guide them towards profound self-actualization as well as a heightened awareness regarding one's own ability to cultivate personal healing in their lives.  It is her goal and intention that upon your very first introductory session together, that you walk away from the encounter feeling inspired and motivated; along with an increased sense of hope and awareness surrounding the issues you are facing.


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$199 for 2 hour intensive in-person or remote

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”
— Audre Lorde