Star Rose Bond

Transformational Coach & Clinical Therapist

An odyssey back to self; where the heart and mind meet and embark upon a sacred remembering of self-love and personal exploration.


Individual, Couples, Group & Organizational Coaching.

Consultant and Program Development for Trauma Informed Care & Initiatives.

empowerment versus management trainings

in person, Skype/Phone Sessions available.


Herbalism + Nutrition

Herbal Consultations & Flower Essences

natural alternatives for mood & emotional imbalances

Medicinal plants, food and supplements.

Teas/infusions, tinctures, essential oils & topical.


grassroots organizing

Eco- Feminism


Workshop Facilitator & educator

Guest speaking


Restorative justice practices


Guidance and Integration

Plant medicine


With a comprehensive skill set, Star offers a wide range of specialized services in the form of individual, couples and group coaching sessions; classes; workshops & retreats.

Star strongly emphasizes the importance of establishing a collaborative and trusting relationship with her clients in the efforts to cultivate an empowered and co-creative dynamic. this safe, trusting and highly relational exchange sets the terrain for a new story to be written and a sense of purpose to be discovered.

Programs Available

 3, 6 or 12 month Programs for individuals or couples

include weekly sessions either in person or by phone/skype, an herbal consultation, unlimited email and text correspondence along with an individualized program that is designed specifically to meet the  unique needs of a client or group.

• All programs consist of four , 60 minute, pre - scheduled sessions each month; accompanied by herbal recommendations if deemed appropriate .

• I will assign homework each week that is pertinent to the work we are doing together.

• I will facilitate sessions that are specific to the needs of the client(s) and at time , with consent, participate in the dynamic outside of a traditional setting if I feel it is of benefit to the coaching experiencing (ex. attending a client’s musical performance, home visits , conjoint session w/ family members, collaborating w/ other practitioners involved in client’s life, etc.).

• In between sessions, clients have virtually unlimited access to me. This means - if you need me I’m there for you - . This can be via email, text or 15 min phone check ins. This provides an opportunity for your greatest learning at the time that you need something. I can arrange a call usually within a 24hr if not much sooner.

It is my role to offer you a safe, inspiring and non - judgmental relationship where you can explore parts of yourself that you otherwise have struggled to discover and actualize. . You are going to have days where you will judge yourself, compare yourself unfavorably to others, self - criticize the mistakes you may make and you will feel low in general. I will be a person in your life that always believes in you…... Always… I will show up 100% for you and our work together.


Star offers free initial consultations in office, over the phone or on skype. During the consult both parties are given the opportunity to explore a connection and engage in a dynamic coaching experience.  Star's main objective when working with individuals is to instill the client with the tools necessary to guide them towards profound self-actualization as well as personal empowerment regarding one's own ability to cultivate healing in their lives.


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$199 for 2 hour intensive in-person or remote

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”
— Audre Lorde