Overcoming Trauma- A Living Workshop
Turning Poison Into Medicine

Saturday, May 11th – 10am -1pm

In this 3 Hour Intensive, you will learn about the psycho, social and biological impacts of trauma along with specific methodologies to heal from ANY form of adversity. In this workshop, I will offer you powerful and effective tools to mitigate symptoms along with practical recommendations to help integrate your experience(s) overtime.
Trauma does NOT have to define you but it certainly has the capacity to deepen you and your relationship to self and others.
Let me remind you of your greatness and your overwhelming capacity to heal…

In this Workshop You Can Expect To Learn/Experience the Following:

  • To deepen your understanding about what trauma is and how it effects all aspects of the human condition on both a micro/macro scale.What causes
  • trauma, how often it occurs and the effects of toxic stress overtime.
  • How violence and abuse differs dramatically with sex and gender.
  • Trauma and the brain – how it effects the brain and how to heal it.
  • Understanding the terms (Abuse, trauma & PTSD).
  • Mood disorder or PTSD? What trauma symptomology is and it’s relationship to other mental health diagnosis’.
  • Trauma’s relationship to substance use.
  • A compressive understanding of resilience and ways to develop it and strengthen it in your everyday experience.
  • What neuroplasticity is and it’s groundbreaking role in overcoming trauma and healing the brain.
  • Specific techniques, methodologies and practices that support immediate healing and foster resilience and integration over time.
  • Herbal and supplement recommendations specific for trauma and PTSD
  • Allotted time for Q & A

This class is open to all genders, ages, sexual orientations, religious affiliations and ethnicities.

Star is a clinical therapist and personal coach who works extensively with individuals suffering from trauma and specializes in the treatment of PTSD and recovery from addictions; she currently lives in Nevada City, California with her family, where she splits her time working as a personal coach in her private practice and as the trauma informed specialist/care coordinator at Community Recovery Resources (CoRR) in Grass Valley, CA. She also serves as a consultant and public speaker in trauma responsive care to many local service providers and offers community based trainings that seek to address and inform businesses, schools, treatment centers and correctional institutions on ways to employ trauma informed programming and policies within their current infrastructure.

Fee: $80.00
Early-bird special till April 26th: $65.00

Space is limited so reserve your spot now…