Star Rose Bond

Transformational Coach & Clinical Therapist

An odyssey back to self; where the heart and mind meet and embark upon a sacred remembering of self-love and personal exploration.

Empowering Transformation: An Integrative Program for Chronic Lyme and Autoimmune Disorders



This comprehensive living workshop will meet for a total of 6 months starting

Monday, April 23rd, 2008  from 6pm-8pm


There will be three scheduled group coaching sessions each month that will take place on Monday evenings from 6pm-8pm.  These sessions will serve as the platform for understanding chronic conditions, how they arise and how to revitalize so that the body can heal.  Additionally, the sessions will be intended to foster both support as well as inspiration through the group dynamic which in turn further lends itself to the transformation of biology, beliefs and lifestyle; the three major themes that will be expanded upon throughout the program.


Additionally each participant will have one scheduled individual coaching session with Star each month where together they will work collaboratively on removing emotional blockages and limiting beliefs that inhibit healing as well as create a roadmap towards health and wellness that is specific to the needs of the client.  Throughout the entirety of the program and in between sessions, each participant will have unlimited access to Star via phone and/or email for follow up support.


All participants will be scheduled for an initial consultation with Jeffrey Williams during the early stages of the program where he will address the specific needs of the client and discuss the different protocol options. Each participant will be given a 4 months supply of products to use throughout the program and can you use in combination or alternate with the Buhner protocol.  At this time, client’s will also create a schedule for twice weekly revitalization alignments to activate the repair mode of the brain.


Participants will also be educated on the Buhner protocol and ways to effectively work with plant medicine as a cornerstone to their treatment plan.  Each client will be given a 3 months supply to initiate the protocol.


Star will facilitate a group coaching session that offers trauma-informed programming designed to address the emotional and psychological issues that ultimately foster limbic system impairment and chronic illness.  

Jeffrey’s group sessions will offer experiences for enhancing one’s health through various self-healing modalities (e.g. voice release, breathwork, movement, etc.) as well as education on vitalistic resting, nourishing, and hydrating tips.


Participants will also be given an opportunity to access further support through a private facebook group, where there will be additional reading material posted, inspirations and online demonstrations of many of the tools and practices that will be covered throughout the workshop.


All participants will also receive text book reading material as well as a journal to use throughout the program.


There will be a total of 18 group coaching sessions that will meet on the following days:


April 23

April 30

May 7

May 14

May 21

June 4

June 11

June 25

July 9

July 16

July 23

August  6

August 13

August 20

September 10

September 17

September 24

October 1